As a medical device manufacturer and medical design firm, MACA also comes with an extensive background manufacturing electronic automotive parts that are both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Certified. Our medical experience in design and lean manufacturing covers oxygen delivery systems, drug dispensing, orthopedics, peristaltic pumps, flow valves and forensic engineering on low cost microprocessor systems used in medical equipment. We have a reputation that is built upon DFLSS (Design For Lean Six Sigma) designing high quality and lean manufacturing into the processes at the very first stage of the design cycle.

In 1995 MACA spun off from Aeroframe Corporation, which was a small aerospace company that provided GE Aircraft Engine, USAF, USN and NASA with engine parts, test jigs, fixtures and special tooling that are still being used in many commercial and military jet engine programs. This aerospace experience included design and assistance during critical testing processes in engine development and in forensic failure investigations.

MACA got its start in automotive assemblies assembling various electronic dash switches and other electrical components. The various parts required complex soldering during assembly and then each part went through a quality assurance test to confirm proper function before being shipped. The majority of the parts we ship are installed in the Honda Civic and Accord automobiles. After assembly department was up and running we began startup of our injection molding department, the first part required the very complex process of over molding critical engine electronics like ignition coils for the Chrysler Jeep series automobile. We injected molded precision bobbin parts that were wound with fine copper wire and then we assembled the bobbins, over molded and function tested each of the millions of finished coil parts we shipped.

Because of our established six sigma quality performance, and having shipped over 15 million final assemblies since 1995 and many millions of other unassembled plastic parts, we have become an important supplier of automotive lighting assemblies and lenses due to the quality Honda requires in their light lenses that exceed DOT safety requirements.

MACA provides concept design, design engineering and complete “turnkey” mass production manufacturing. See where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going – but, most importantly, how we can serve you – as you browse the pages of our site.